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It all starts with the seed. The crop input tied most closely to yield is seed. Seed is also the most expensive crop input, so proper seed selection becomes the most important decision a producer makes. That's the philosophy behind the mission of our seed department. Carry the right products and have local information available to make the right decisions. We utilize a four brand strategy to ensure our customers have access to the best products available. We sell Croplan Genetics, NK Brand, Dekalb and Asgrow brands of seed. Ultimately, our strategy involves evaluating seed products in a test plot format and then moving them to the field where we continue to evaluate products using our weigh trucks on the farm. Each fall, all yield results are compiled into a Hull Area Yield Book.

We also utilize Elevate which is an intensive data management program for farmers. Every piece of information that can be measured on a acre goes into this system to see if there is a correlation to the yield on that acre. This helps us to develope management zones where we can better the inputs that go into these zones for maximum yield. We also can place "learning blocks" in fields which are essentially a small test plot. These blocks can be fertility based on seeding rate experiments. The yield data is collected with a yield monitor and analyzed. The farmer's data is anonymously "pooled" with other farmers on the same system so that the famer may compare against other farms with similar characteristics and hybrids.

Since our trade territory is so immersed with livestock production, particularly dairy and beef, our focus is also on seed for forage production. Each fall we do 3-4 corn silage test plots, where corn hybrids are looked at exclusively for silage. We evaluate tonnage, digestibility, DM tons and other quality aspects of hybrids, not just grain yield.

For corn we have 80,000 kernel count bags availible or we can get the seed in boxes which contain 45-50 units. The boxes help maximize productivity with larger planters when many acres are covered.

We offer a way to avoid handling soybean bags and still get the best seed in the industry. We have Bulk Seed available in four bins that hold 2000 units each. All our brands of soybeans are sold by seed count (140,000 per bag) so you know exactly what you are buying. You can drive into town with your wagon or tender to pick up seed, or we provide seed delivery right out to the field using our seed tender. The advantages to bulk seed include:

  • You don't have to handle or deal with soybean bags
  • You can get bulk seed in any quantity, not just 50 unit increments
  • You can treat your bulk seed with a seed treatment. 

Our commitment to the right seed product on the acre shows. Contact Evan (712-470-2570), Pete (712-470-0994), Josh (712-441-0242), or Lonnie (712-441-1185) for more information.


CROPLAN GENETICS® seed local agronomists offer a full range of high-performing genetics and crop production expertise to help you match the right corn and soybreans hybrids to the right soil type at the right population in the right field. With the help of your CROPLAN GENETICS® seed local agronomist, you can evaluate all contributing factors to arrive at the smartest seed decisions for your most complex production problems in your toughest fields.

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Delivering Performance and Innovation

  • Consistent Performance and yield potenial driven by exclusive genetics
  • Consistent Innovations in products, traits, seed treatment and delivery options
  • Consistent Commitment to the profitability of the American soybean farmer 

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  • Superior Performance through exclusive global DEKALB® genetics
  • Proven Results with strong roots, strong stalks and strong yields
  • Committed to the future of agriculture through the newest genetics, latest trait technologies and investment in Ag Youth
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Every field is unique, with its own needs, requiring different hybrids and varieties, seed care and crop protection products. No one understands the importance of customized, tailored solutions better than your NK Seeds retailer. What's successful for one field may not yield for another. That's why your NK Seeds retailer-backed by the unparalleled resources of Syngenta-helps you create a customized seed, seed care and crop protection package just for your acres. When results are what matter, get solutions that exceed expectations.

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