Grid Sampling


An important part of any intensive nutrient management program is a good soil test. The first step is to obtain quality soil samples. We continue to do our own soil testing to insure that producers receive quality results as quickly as possible. Our recommended grid size is 2.5 acres, but we can do either smaller or larger grids. We test for Soil pH, Buffer pH, Phosphorous, Potassium,and Organic Matter. We can test for micronutrients as well. By grid sampling, we can make recommendations allocating resources to where they are needed most so you can get the best return on your fertilizer dollar.



We also offer tissue testing while the crop is the field. It is bascially a picture of how the crop is doing throughout the growing season. Tissue testing allows us to see what deficiencies are in the plant at that time and correct them with micronutrients. This helps to maximize your yield for a minimal investment.