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Sean Robinson

Beef Specialist

Phone: 402-640-0103


Sean Robinson was raised in Northwest Iowa, where his passion for cattle began.  From there, he received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Animal Science, specializing in cattle management, at Iowa State University in 2015.  During and upon completion of college, he was Assistant Manager for a large diversified 6,000 head ranch in North Central Nebraska. He managed the feed programs utilized for the backgrounding, heifer and bull development, Cow-calf, and feedlot sectors.  Hull Coop Association is happy to have Sean in Northwest, IA establishing working relationships with each client to understand their needs, and positively impact their bottom lines. 

Services Provided:

  • Feedlot Consulting
    • Ration Formulation
    • Starting Cattle Management
    • Bunk Management
    • Cost of Gain analysis
    • Monthly Cattle Tracking
    • Closeout analysis with management and investors


  • Profit Projections
    • Monthly Multiple Projections
      • Forecast current profit/loss for calves and yearlings being placed looking at spreads in corn pricing and futures spreads
      • Can further be customized to each feedlots current pricing and COG’s, or for a particular run of cattle


  • Feeding Programs
    • Feedstuff Samples and Analysis via Dairyland Labs
    • Ingredient Recommendations and Pricing Matrix’s
    • Effective Ration Formulation
    • TMR Evaluations/Mixing Protocols
    • Bunker Management/Pile Face Management
  • Implant Protocols
    • Discuss and evaluate current implant protocols with each feedlot’s consulting veterinarian while keeping in mind market windows and spreads
  • Cow-Calf Management, Heifer and Bull Development
    • Mineral Programs
    • Feeding Programs
    • Breeding Programs
    • Synchronization Protocols
    • Weaning Programs




If you have any questions or want Sean to visit your operation, please feel free to contact him.  His boots are always on the ground, and he will always return your call.



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